David Loitz is a passionate lover of education, film, basketball, food and life. He is currently working towards his Masters in Holistic Elementary Education at Goddard College. He lives in Eugene, Oregon with his beautiful fiance, Marta. His goal is to open a human scale school in the near future and help others do the same.

He is working with IDEA (Institute of Democratic Education of America) as a Regional organizer for most of the West Coast. His goal is to help connect and promote the efforts of democratic learning communities. If you are in his region or want to share stories of learning that supports or promotes democratic communities, please share them with him via email, every story or voice is welcome.

Along with his experience in Education, he has a wide range of accomplishments in creative endeavors including 10 years as a film maker with a BFA (Film/Video) from California Institute of the Arts. He is an avid blogger and can be found on the blogs

Cooperative Catalyst,

on tumblr as

Adventures in Learning

Human Scale Schools

Twitter (@dloitz)

and facebook

along with other education blogs and sites. He loves Education literature and commentary; from books, films, to blogs- if you ever want to a suggestion, feel free to ask and he will give you 10..


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