Finding the Origins of My Influences

In the search for resources for my study of Art Education, I notice that the in shift in my focus from Artist to Artist who Teaches has changed the way I look at other artists and also art in general. It has given me a chance to reflect on my own story as an artist. Much like studying curriculum theory and pedogody has shifted the way I observe children as they learn, studying Art as Education has changed the way I look at myself as an artist.

One of the way it has become evident is in discovering some of the origins of my artist style and aesthetic. I often cite Robert Rauschenberg as one of the biggest influences to own style of Art along with Johns and other Assemblage/College artists, but knew little of who influenced them as artists.

Looking through a History of Modern Art Book, I can across a abstract painted wood collage piece by Kurt Schwitter.

Right way I would struck by his work and was reminded of the work of Rauschenberg et al. The collage of shapes, materials and colors spoke directly to my own use of mixed media and abstraction. Doing a little research I discovered that Rauschenberg is quoted as saying after seeing an “exhibition of Schwitters’ work at the Sidney Janis Gallery, 1959, that ‘I felt like he made it all just for me.’ ” (1)

I love the journey backwards finding all the paths to my style and knowledge!

I am also really loving on Klee.

I found a small book written Children about his work, from the Boston Museum of Art…. his work speak so much to elementary and early development of art style and language.

1. Quoted in Rauschenberg/Art and Life, Mary Lynn Kotz, Harry N Abrams, p91


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