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Young people are developing their voice to clearly articulate the need of the educational systems to change to better meet their needs –  educationally, personally, and professionally (yes, young people have professional needs).  They have something to say.  They should be heard. Nikhil Goyal, a 16-year-old junior at Syosset…

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A Listening Session’s purpose is to discover each young  person’s deepest knowing about how they would answer the question, “How do we educate young people to thrive in a world of possibility?” – from Imagining Learning…About Listening Sessions On Thursday, November 15, 2012, Unboundary hosted Charles Kouns and…

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Cross posted from my blog, Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension An interesting debate has been sparked in the comments section of my post “Not Grading is Awful” here on the Cooperative Catalyst, with some people stating that forced school is inhumane.  I have been pondering this for a bit and I must say…

Stop Demonizing Teachers!

Every time I hear or read someone say that education is in the state it is now, because of bad teachers, I want to yell! I mean how many Great teachers are getting demonized and how many great teachers are not choosing teaching as a career because of this misguided and misinformed discussion. if we … Continue reading

The right kind of education.

I will share my ideas and others for a formation of the right kind of education.  I hope to actively challenge and question the current state of education and the world.